Basketball Feet – SMU


Basketball feet playing for SMU.

Basketball Feet – TCU


Basketball feet playing for TCU.

Basketball Feet – Texas A&M


Basketball feet playing for Texas A&M.

Basketball Feet – Texas Tech


Basketball feet playing for Texas Tech.

Basketball Feet – UT


Basketball feet playing for the University of Texas.

Baylor Basketball Star Ornament


Baylor basketball star shaped ornament

Baylor Dream Bar


Baylor “Dream Bar” ornament.

Baylor Jersey Santa


Baylor Santa ornament.

Baylor Striped Hot Air Balloon


Baylor hot air balloon.

Class Of (Graduation)


Graduation mortar board with tassel.

College Boot. Texas AandM


Aggie western boot.

College Boot. Texas Tech University


Western boot with TTU for Texas Tech University.

Cotton Bowl 2013


Cotton Bowl 2013 ornament.

Delta Delta Delta Angel


Angel in yellow dress with Greek letters and sorority symbols.

Delta Tau Delta Taxi Ornament


Delta Tau Delta ornament.

Football Feet – SMU


Football feet playing for SMU.

Football Feet – TCU


Football feet playing for TCU.

Football Feet – Texas Tech


Football feet playing for Texas Tech.

Football Feet – UT


Football feet playing for the University of Texas.

House Divided-UT and AandM


House divided in half with school colors.

Kappa Alpha Theta Taxi Ornament


Kappa Alpha Theta ornament.

Kappa Sig Ornament


Kappa Sig ornament.

Longhorn Flag


Flag with stars and longhorns

Ole Miss Stadium


Ole Miss stadium.

Phi Mu Angel


Brunette angel with Greek letters and sorority symbols on white skirt.

Pink Longhorns


Pink Longhorns banner.

SAE Belt


SAE belt.

Santa Texas Tech Cap


Texas Tech Santa.

Sigma Chi Ornament Round


Sigma Chi ornament.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Seal


Sigma Phi Epsilon seal

SMU Angel


SMU angel.

SMU Basketball Star


SMU basketball star shaped ornament.

SMU Candy Cane


SMU candy cane.

SMU Football


SMU football ornament.

SMU Football Star


SMU football tree shaped ornament.

SMU Golf Bag


SMU golf bag.

SMU Mini Angel


SMU angel.

SMU Santa


Santa in red sweatshirt and blue pants.

SMU Snowman With Red Sweater


SMU snowman ornament.