Lilac Flower Pot W/SG


Flowers in yellow pitcher

Blossoms Hedgie W/SG


Hedgehog with flowers on back

Vintage Glass Floral


Canning jar with hydrangea.

Autumn Rake


Decorative rake still life.

Blue and White Vase With Sunflowers


Blue and white vase with sunflowers.

Floral Bird Nest


Bird’s nest with five blue eggs.

Menagerie A Trois Canvas/Kit and SG


Squirrel and chameleon flirt with peacock.

Cactus Tea Coaster Ill


Small purple flower on cactus.

Small Summer Sun (Flower)


Sunflower tucked in a corner.

Tuscan Sun Tissue Box Cover


Large sunflowers to be finished as a tissue box cover.

The Graceful Garden


Two hummingbirds with blowers.

Sitting Pretty W/SG


Little brown bird with flowers.

Orange Cross W/Roses


Pink rose with striped background.

Blue Mason Jar W/Flowers


Mason jar filled with flowers.

Capriccio Coaster


Stylized floral in orange and hot pink.

Birds In Bloom-Bluebonnet Bird W/SG


Periwinkle bird with Bluebonnets on its wing.

Birds In Bloom-Purple Rose Bird W/SG


Purple bird with a ribbon rose on its wing.

Birds In Bloom-Peony Bird W/SG


Teal bird with peony on its wing.

Birds In Bloom-Marigold Bird W/SG


Brown bird with marigold on its wing.

Birds In Bloom-Green Bird W/Daffodil W/SG


Green bird with daffodil on its wing.

Birds In Bloom-Bluebird W/SG


Bluebird with poppy on its wing.

Desert Glow


Cactus closeup.

Roses Frame


Frame with pink roses.

Pink Peonies


Pink peonies in front of window.

Texas Bluebonnet


Bluebonnet in oval “frame”.

Mirror Tree


Fantasy birds and fun flowers.

Acorn Stash


Squirrel with acorns and leaves.

A Row Of Posies


Five orange and yellow flowers.

Cactus and Critters Collage


Southwest motifs with borders.

Gabriel’s 3 Egg Omelette


3-dimensional decorative egg design.

Spring Collage


Soft pastel Spring sampler with bugs, butterflies and more

Ghastly Ghost (Derangements)


Ghostly urn with fall flowers

Pretty Poinsettia (Lady)


Lady in red coat with poinsettia headdress

Small Tulip Concert #1


Pink, purple and yellow tulips

Summer Palette Coneflowers


Purple and yellow cornflowers.

yellow skull face with pink flowers and purple bowtie above a grave with RIP on blue background and orange and black checkered floor -20%

Halloween Skull Topiary W/SG

$86.00 $69.00

Spooky skull topiary

Bunny Cart


White bunny pulling Easter cart

Pretty Pot Lilies


Floral pot with white Lily of the Valley

Texas Wildflower Boot


Texas Wildflower Western boot.

Little Lamb Tulip


Little lamb in tulip shape