Anthemius Stocking

$313.00 $157.00


$226.00 $113.00

Blue Plaid Pincushion


Top and sides for a blue plaid pincushion.

Black Swan (Modern)


Modern black swan with red heart.

White Swan (Modern)


Modern white swan with flowers and heart.

Small Orchid #2


Pink orchid on white.

Little Birdie Tree


8-branch stick tree with blue flowers and bird charms.

Zenaida Dove With Stitch Guide


Brown and gray dove with flowers.

Pussy Willow


Three different styles and patterns of vases.

Floral Star


Star of David shape with floral pattern.

Costa Rican Flame


Flowers from Costa Rica.

Congo Sizzle


Flowers from the Congo.

Asian Fan-White Bird/Pink Flowers


Asian fan with white bird and flowers.

Asian Fan-Yellow and Blue Bird


Asian fan with yellow bird and flowers.

Peach Bouquet


Floral bouquet on table.

Bunches Of Gerberas


Gerbera daisies.



Flowers in the sun.



Flowers blooming in the snow.

Poppies-Pink and Orange


Colorful poppies.

Paisley Stripe


Variety of paisley patterns.

Colorful Cross With Vine


Colorful cross.

Wedding Basket


Heart shaped basket with doves.

Emily With Blue and Purple Flowers


Lovely Emily with flowers in her hair.

pink stocking with blue, green and pink domed buildings and white, pink and yellow flowers -50%

Anthemius Stocking

$313.00 $157.00

Three colorful pastel domed buildings with flowers stocking.

Macro Orchid III


Detailed orchid.

Orchids With Matching Frame


Peach orchid with matching frame.

Tulips With Chevrons


Three tulips with chevron background.

Garden Flowers


Bright flowers with yellow and black border.

Floral Cross


Floral cross.

Spring Bird Topiary


Spring topiary with brightly colored birds.

Tropical Red Eyeglasses Case


Tropical red Eyeglasses Case.

Autumn Blooms


Autumn flowers in a vase.

A Little Slice Of Paradise


A Little Slice of Paradise.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun phrase on yellow.

Cat Angel With Bouquet


Pink and orange angel cat.

Snuff Jar-Round With Bird


Elegant snuff jar.

red chicken surrounded by flowers and white blocks with brushes of yellow, red, black and purple -50%


$226.00 $113.00

Tropical island style design.



Tropical island style design.

Country Window


Shutters on brick building.

Fleur Di Lis Pink/Yellow


Pink and yellow fleur de lis.

Teapot Cracker


Teapot cracker.

Floral Wreath Cracker


Floral Wreath cracker.