Inch In Time


Stitching tools and flowers collage.

Pudgie Longhorn


3-dimensional stand up with Texas themes.



Decorative tile and flowers.



Decorative tile and flowers.

Pinwheel Flowers


Pastel flowers with pink background.

Pink Fleur De Lis


Fleur de lis with leaves background.



Birds and sunflowers

Ginko Bag Pink and Green


Colorful gingko leaves with pink.



Two Texas Bluebells.

Quilted Flowers #2


Orange lily with quilted patterns.

Quilted Flowers #1


Blue tulips and purple pansies.

Petite Tulip W/SG


White tulip with four square background.

Petite Coneflower W/SG


Red cone flower with checked background.

Petite Rose W/SG


Pink rose with geometric background.

Hyacinth Adirondack


Purple Adirondack chair with hyacinth.

Sheep Gardener


Sheep with watering can.

Yellow Butterfly Vase Set


Dimensional flower with vase and butterfly.

Floral Dress


Flowery dress.

Small Mauve Hydrangea


Hydrangea in leafy border.

Rosebud Gloves


Pink gardening gloves.

fox gloves behind white fence -50%

Fox Glove Gate

$66.00 $33.00

Picket fence with Fox Gloves.

Yellow Rose and Bud


Yellow rose.

Autumn Leaves Candle


Autumn leaves candle.



Pumpkin surrounded by flowers.