3-D Taco


3-dimensional taco.

5 Little Pears W/SG and Threads


Pears in a row kit with stitch guide.

American Diner


Coffee and burger on blue.

Apricots and Plums


Formal still life of fruits and leaves

Artichokes W/Thistles


Artichokes in different stages

Baylor Dream Bar


Baylor “Dream Bar” ornament.

Beer With Pretzel Mini Stocking


Beer mini stocking with stuffed pretzel accent.

Birdhouse Cupcake


3-dimensional cupcake.

Birthday Cake Banner


Birthday cake with gifts.

Black Heart Rum


Vintage pirate collection rum bottle.

Bottle Labels. Gin


Old fashioned bathtub for gin bottle label.

Cakes and Candies


Yummy display of cakes.

Carpe Diem (Mushrooms)


Mushrooms in a row.

Celery 3-D


3-dimensional cucumber.



Cup of eggnog with cinnamon stick

Cosmo With Lemon Mini Stocking


Cosmo cocktail mini stocking with stuffed lemon accent.

Eggplants W/Blossoms


Three purple eggplants

Floral Frame Cupcake


3-dimensional cupcake.

Food Truck-I Scream!


Ice Cream food truck.

Fruit and Flowers Bowl


Urn filled with fruit.

Golf Cake


Golf themed cake.

Green Umbrella Bird


Bright green bird with an umbrella.

Harvest Birdhouse


Birdhouse decorated for fall.

Hawaiian Fruit Ikat


Pineapple with ikat background.

Hawaiian Welcome


Hawaiian centerpiece.

I Love Cupcakes


Girl decorating stack of cupcakes.



Margarita glass.

Martini Glasses


Martini collection.

Micro Beer Belt


Micro beers logo belt.

Mr. and Mrs.


Ornament featuring Mr. & Mrs. with a wedding cake.

Navy/Gold Pineapple


Pineapple, symbol of hospitality

Peach On Black


Peach hanging from branch on black background.

Pears and Morning Glory


Pears and Morning Glory flowers.

Pears Banner


Pears banner.

Pears Brick Cover


Brick cover with pears.

Peppers Peppers


Pepper ristra still life.

Peter Pumpkin Eater


Peter in the pumpkin patch at night

Plum On Black


Plum hanging from branch on black background.

Pour Me A Cold One Angel


Angel with a beer theme.