Cruela Crow-About


Witch and her crow buddy.

Red Black Corset Dress


Corset dress.

Mrs. Claus Stand-up W/SG


Mrs. Claus with green muff.

Nervous Groom W/SG


Groom in black tux.

Holly Flying Angel W/SG


Pink and green flying angel.

Sharon Mouse W/SG


3-D patchwork mouse.

Petite Tulip W/SG


White tulip with four square background.

Petite Coneflower W/SG


Red cone flower with checked background.

Petite Rose W/SG


Pink rose with geometric background.

Summer Shoppers W/SG


Three women shopping.

Mrs. Claus Kit


Mrs. Claus.

Cowboy Santa Kit


Cowboy Santa.

April House


White house and rainbow.

Arctic Seal Kit


Small snow-white seal.

Santa Lovers #1/SG


Toymaker Santa.

Santa Lovers #5/SG


Santa in striped pants.

Gas Station W/SG


Gas Station.

Miss Texas Nutcracker Kit


Miss Texas Nutcracker W/SG and threads.

Miss Texas Nutcracker W/SG


Miss Texas Nutcracker W/SG