Sugar Skull Orn/Purple


Mini lavender sugar skull with red petaled flower.

Sugar Skull Orn/Gold


Mini orange sugar skull with roses.

Witch Hat Nimi Round


Witch’s hat with lime and purple background.

black cat with Halloween images including ghost in rectangles and colorful dots Sale!

Black Halloween Kitty W/Ghost

$46.00 $32.20

Black Halloween kitty with ghost

Halloween Plaid Kitty


Halloween kitty with tattersall check

Red Plaid Heart W/ Snowfla


Plaid heart with snowflakes center

Frosty Snowman Stkg Cuff

$117.00Free shipping!

Snowman with top hat cuff

Nutcracker/Peppermint Stkg Cuff

$117.00Free shipping!

Nutcracker in red and green jacket.

Christmas Golf Stocking Cuff

$110.00Free shipping!

Stocking cuff with peppermint stripes and golf theme.

Gifts Galore Cuff

$118.00Free shipping!

Stocking cuff with peppermint stripes and wrapped gifts.

Horizontal Bands With Hearts -Large Heart


Heart shape in pink and red dots and checks.

blue and white tea kettle and vase on white and green plaid tablecloth Sale!

Vases Double Key Border

$127.00 $88.90Free shipping!

Vases and teapot with a double key border.

cuff bracelet with colorful dots on black Sale!

Color Dots On Black Bracelet Cuff

$46.00 $32.20

Colorful spheres on black cuff.

Snowflake Mini Tree Baylor


Baylor tree ornament.

three skeleton keys on yellow background Sale!

Key Collage III

$104.00 $72.80Free shipping!

Antique keys design.

Spider Web Round


Black spider in web against dark blue sky.

Snowflake Mini Tree. TCU


TCU Christmas tree ornament.

Snowflake Mini Tree. SMU


SMU Christmas tree ornament.

Snowflake Mini Tree. Texas Tech


Tech Christmas tree ornament.