Home of The Brave


patriotic needlepoint canvas

Lion Beginner’s Kit


Lion for Beginners

Hippo Beginner’s Kit


Hippo for Beginners

Cactus Tea Coaster Ill


Small purple flower on cactus.

A Row Of Posies


Five orange and yellow flowers.

Christmas Eve Town Stocking


Santa and sleigh silhouette.

Jacobean Firebird


Firebird on a navy background

Christmas House- May


Christmas House for May.

Christmas House-July


Christmas house for July.

Regal Rooster (Folksy)


Regal red and black rooster.

Give A Hoot Owl


An owl with black feathers, orange beak and bright green eyes.

Single Feather


Curved peacock feather.

Teddy’s Family and Friend Stocking


Teddy bear family stocking.

Pussy Willow


Three different styles and patterns of vases.

Sweetheart Nutcracker


Purple and red nutcracker ornament.

Birds Of A Feather


Bird silhouettes.