Easter Egg with Brown Bunnies


Egg decorated with stripes and bunnies

Easter Egg with Lambs


Egg decorated with bright stripes and white lambs

Easter Egg with Ducks


Egg decorated with brightly colored sripes and cute yellow ducks

Frolicking Penguin Round


Round ornament with frolicking penguin

Witchie Poo


Halloween ornament with Witchie

Van Zacula


Halloween ornament with Dracula

King Tuts Mummy


Halloween ornament with King Tut



Halloween ornament with Frankien Stein



Halloween ornament Wolfie

Yellow Birdhouse W/ Blue Bi


Bright yellow house with blue bird.

Brown Birdhouse W/Dk. Red


Terra cotta birdhouse with red bird.

Red, White, Blue Birdhouse


Red and white striped birdhouse with yellow bird.

January Fish W/SG


Blue and red fish.

Puss ‘N Boots W/Stitch Guide


Swashbuckling cat in high turquoise boots.

Esperanza W/Stitch Guide


Skeleton bride in white dress.

Bella Donna, Sexy Witch W/Stitch Guide


Witch with orange skirt, black cat and broom.

Rockin’ Werewolf W/Stitch Guide


Werewolf with full moon.

Heart Perfume Bottle


Heart shaped bottle.

Birthstone Santa July/Ruby


Santa in ruby red coat.

Victorian Girl Stocking


Victorian girl on a sled stocking

Victorian Boy Stocking


Victorian boy on a sled stocking

Clip-On Peacock


Two-sided clip on peacock ornament.

Happily Ever After Round


Happily Ever After round ornament.

Flying Jewels. Purple Butterfly


Purple butterfly with stitch guide.

It’s A Boy Stork Clip On


2-sided stork with blue bundle.

It’s A Girl Stork Clip On


2-sided stork with pink bundle.

Clip-On Loon-2 Sided With Feathers


2-sided, clip-on Loon.

Halloween Child. Cat


Child in cat costume.

Fan Peddler


Woman with basket of fans.

Kindergarten Nativity. Lamb


Kindergarten nativity lamb.

Kindergarten Nativity. Camel


Kindergarten nativity camel.