The Devil Creep W/Stitch Guide


Devil Halloween character in purple coat.

Mehitabel Witch Candy Corn W/Stitch Guide


Mehitabel witch with fuzzy orange hair.

Birds In Bloom-Bluebonnet Bird W/SG


Periwinkle bird with Bluebonnets on its wing.

Birds In Bloom-Purple Rose Bird W/SG


Purple bird with a ribbon rose on its wing.

Birds In Bloom-Peony Bird W/SG


Teal bird with peony on its wing.

Birds In Bloom-Marigold Bird W/SG


Brown bird with marigold on its wing.

Birds In Bloom-Green Bird W/Daffodil W/SG


Green bird with daffodil on its wing.

Birds In Bloom-Bluebird W/SG


Bluebird with poppy on its wing.

Old Jerusalem Cuff

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Old Jerusalem stocking cuff

Little Angel Girls Sampler


Girl angel sampler.

Little Boy Angel Sampler


Boy angel sampler.

Sweet Baby Jesus


Baby Jesus.