Yorkie Pup


Yorkie pup needlepoint canvas

Ornament -Pink Top w/ Ribbon and stitch guide


Pink Top Ornament w/ Ribbon and stitch guide

Teal Turban Ornament W/Ribbon and stitch guide


Teal and Orange Ornament w/ Ribbon and stitch guide

Ornament-Lavender Stripe w/ Ribbon & stitch guide


Lavender and Turquoise Stripe Ornament w/ Ribbon and stitch guide

Snowman Square


Snowman with pale blue Christmas trees

Menagerie A Trois Canvas/Kit and SG


Squirrel and chameleon flirt with peacock.

Juggling Cat


Seal balances cat and fish and striped ball.

Coloring Book. Ladybug


Ladybug line drawing with borders.

Mirror Tree


Fantasy birds and fun flowers.

Some Bugs


Bright bugs on a teal background.

Acorn Stash


Squirrel with acorns and leaves.

Carpe Diem (Mushrooms)


Mushrooms in a row.

Morning Song


Bright blue bird with red chest.



Cardinal “tweeting”.

Perching Cardinal


Striking cardinal on a branch.

Paisley Stripe


Variety of paisley patterns.

Dog Dreams


Dog dreaming of a bone.

orange and yellow backgammon pattern with multiple colors and patterns in between triangles -50%

Jewel Backgammon Game With Pieces

$497.00 $249.00

Backgammon board with playing pieces.

Eye Cuff


Dramatic eye cuff.