Needlepoint Classes

At The Needle Works, we host ongoing classes that cover a diverse and colorful spectrum of needlepoint techniques held year round in our Austin studio. We have classes and one-on-one instruction available for needlepoint artists of any level to expand your talent and creative expression.

Beginning stitchers are encouraged to start with a one-on-one lesson to learn the basics before starting a more elaborate canvas with one of our guest teachers.

Join other friends and stitchers for any class and create a beautiful needlepoint canvas with guidance from needlework experts. Make a beautiful display for your home, gifts for family and friends or simply share and socialize with fellow stitchers.

Upcoming Classes

Private Classes

Learn the basics of needlepoint in our one-on-one beginner classes. We guide you in picking out that perfect canvas to start you off on your needlepoint adventure. We’ll start with a Basketweave stitch, the most difficult stitch to learn in needlepoint because it is based on the weave of the canvas. Any instructor in a formal class will assume that students already know Basketweave.

These private classes are scheduled in 2-hour blocks. Most instruction will be covered in the first hour while the second hour allows for questions and more detailed instructions. Classes are $50.00 an hour plus cost of materials.

Studio Time

Are you stumped with a canvas? Can’t figure out what stitch to do where? Is a particular stitch giving you fits? Studio Time is just for you! These open sessions are for the student that has finished beginner classes and is working beyond the Basketweave stitch.

Studio Time classes typically start at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., depending on the day, and occasionally Saturdays. Please check the calendar for dates. We ask that you arrive at the start of class to guarantee a smooth rotation from student to student.