$226.00 $113.00

Bunnies Family

$281.00 $141.00


$76.00 $38.00

3-D Barn

$150.00 $75.00

Watching Over The Baby W/SG


Baby in manger with sheep.

Bunny In Patchwork Egg


White bunny in the center of patchwork egg.

Farmer Hare W/Stitch Guide


Farmer hare in blue overalls.

May Countryside W/Stitch Guide


Scene of green hills with red barn and sheep.

Mary Had A Little Lamb


Old fashioned children’s illustration.

Little Lamb Tulip


Little lamb in tulip shape

Sheep’s Meadow


White sheep on green hill with trees

Hop On In


Little brown bunny in the vegetable garden

Regal Rooster (Folksy)


Regal red and black rooster.

Spring Lamb


White lamb with a flower and a butterfly.

Santa Riding A Rooster


Santa riding a giant white rooster.

Santa Riding A Cow


Santa riding a brown and white cow.

Farm Pig


Large black and pink spotted pig.

Blue and White Rooster


3-dimensional rooster in blue and white.

Rooster On Teal Background


White rooster with red comb.

Chick Painting Egg


Yellow chick painting egg.

Queen Of The Coop


Bright colored hen on her nest.

Hen Scissor Case and Fob


Hen, chicks and egg scissors case.

Chick Pulling Bunny In Egg Cart


Chick and bunny with decorated cart.

Cream Color Ponies


Cream colored ponies ornament.

Far, Far From Home


Rooster with brilliant feathers.

red chicken surrounded by flowers and white blocks with brushes of yellow, red, black and purple -50%


$226.00 $113.00

Tropical island style design.

yellow bunnies in patch of strawberries with white flowers -50%

Bunnies Family

$281.00 $141.00

Bunny family.

Cow Whimsical


Whimsical cow with chickadee.

Carousel Horse Blue Saddle


Brown and red carousel horse.

Sharon Mouse W/SG


3-D patchwork mouse.

pig with apple in mouth wearing black and white checkered neckerchief and red and white checkered border and Barb-E-Q-Tee written below -50%


$76.00 $38.00

BBQ pig with apple.

Nativity. Cow


Cow from nativity scene.

Sheep Gardener


Sheep with watering can.

Sleeping Bunny


Brown bunny.

Chicken’s Roosting


Colorful chickens.

red barn with green roof and farm animals -50%

3-D Barn

$150.00 $75.00

3-D Red barn.