$226.00 $113.00

Chick Painting Egg


Yellow chick painting egg.

Queen Of The Coop


Bright colored hen on her nest.

Chocolate Bird Dog


Chocolate lab with pheasant.

1 Partridge/Pear Tree House 1/12


#1 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

6 Geese A Laying House 6/12


#6 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

Here Kitty Kitty


Here kitty sampler.

True Love (Cat)


True love kitty.

Melody Bird With Stitch Guide


Bird with musical charm and stitch guide.

Madam Butterfly With Stitch Guide


Bird with butterfly charm and stitch guide.

Frog Sampler


Frog birth announcement.

Dog Dreams


Dog dreaming of a bone.

Blue Giraffe Plaid Birth Announcement


Polka dot giraffe birth sampler.

Tree Frog. Purple Background


Brown tree frog.

Large New Zoo-Toucan


Toucan with rainbow beak.

Danger Lurks


Black and white kitty and flowers.

Hen Scissor Case and Fob


Hen, chicks and egg scissors case.

Chick Pulling Bunny In Egg Cart


Chick and bunny with decorated cart.

Candy Cane Kitty


Adorable orange and white kitty.

Dinosaur-T Rex


T-rex in the mountains.



Cute brontosaurus.

Pink Penguin


Happy penguin ornament.

Cream Color Ponies


Cream colored ponies ornament.

Far, Far From Home


Rooster with brilliant feathers.

Butterflies On Butterflies


Brightly colored butterflies.

Spring Bird Topiary


Spring topiary with brightly colored birds.

Birds Of A Feather


Bird silhouettes.

Building: Birdhouse


Blue bird with colorful bird house.

Fleur Animal Print


Black fleur de lis with animal prints.



Black cats stalking

Spider Web Round


Black spider in web against dark blue sky.

Seaside Crackers: Lobster


Seaside crab cracker.

Owl On The Prowl


Owl with gold eyes.

Mail Dog


Whimsical postal dog.

Cat Angel With Bouquet


Pink and orange angel cat.

Snuff Jar-Round With Bird


Elegant snuff jar.

red chicken surrounded by flowers and white blocks with brushes of yellow, red, black and purple -50%


$226.00 $113.00

Tropical island style design.

blue and lime green flowers, bird and birdhouse -20%

Love Birds With Felted Flower

$202.00 $161.60

Needlepoint floral collage with felt flower.

Suzy Seahorse With Stitch Guide


Seahorse with swaying seagrass.

Giraffe With Purple Flowers


Elegant giraffe.

Swan With Holly


Graceful swan.