We Discussed This – Poodles


Poodle needlepoint canvas

Yorkie Pup


Yorkie pup needlepoint canvas

Keeping Warm


Kitty drinking coffee

Mystery Lover Dachshund


Dachshund needlepoint

Musical Poddle on Pink


black poodle surrounded by musical notes

Apricot Poodle Portrait


Apricot Poodle Portrait

Dalmation w/ Bone Round


Dalmation Dog w/ Bone Ornament

Bull Dog w/ Bone Round


Bull Dog W/ Bone Round

Santa Fe Felines (Laurel Burch)


10 colorful bright cats

Paw Print Bone-Bright Gold


Gold bone shape with three black paw prints.

Paw Print Bone-Hot Pink


Pink bone shape with three black paw prints.

Juggling Cat


Seal balances cat and fish and striped ball.

orange pit bull face with green decorative eyes, spider web on head, and heart shaped buttons on ears -20%

Who Let The Dogs Out-Chuck W/SG

$86.00 $69.00

Day of the Dead style dog named Chuck

green cat face with red star shapes around eyes, pencil thin curled mustache, and orange ears -20%

Who Let The Dogs Out-Bruno W/SG

$86.00 $69.00

Day of the Dead style dog named Bruno

purple pig face with red flowers around eyes and pencil thin curled mustache and blue and yellow flowers -20%

Who Let The Dogs Out-Violet W/SG

$86.00 $69.00

Day of the Dead style dog named Violet



Black and white cat going fishing

Patchwork Lhasa Apso 13ct


Lhasa Apso portrait in patchwork design

Poodle On Pink


White Standard Poodle with orange background

Patchwork Cat With Stitch Guide


Sideview of a patchwork cat.

Silhouette Cat


Bright flowers with white cat silhouette.

Silhouette Dog


Bright flowers with white dog silhouette.

Charley Harper Basset Hound


Charley Harper Basset Hound in a meadow.

For You (Cat Basket)


Charley Harper basket of flowers and a calico kitty.

Party Cats


Cats with party hats and cake.

Live Love Wag With Guide


Live Love Wag with a pawprint as the “o”.

Live Love Purr


Live Love Purr with paw print for “o”.

Meow-Fish Mini Sock


Meow/ fish mini stocking.

Westies In The Living Room


Two Westies in a living room.

Chocolate Bird Dog


Chocolate lab with pheasant.

Here Kitty Kitty


Here kitty sampler.

True Love (Cat)


True love kitty.

Dog Dreams


Dog dreaming of a bone.

Danger Lurks


Black and white kitty and flowers.

Candy Cane Kitty


Adorable orange and white kitty.



Black cats stalking