Pre-Order white stocking with Eeyore sitting in front of Christmas tree with red, white and green present
Pre-Order stocking top with red, green, yellow and white gifts on blue with snow falling and candy cane striped border

New Mexico Outline Mini Stkg


New Mexico needlepoint canvas

My Cat – A Stocking


pet cat stocking needlepoint canvas

My Dog – A Stocking


dog needlepoint canvas

Sloth Christmas


Sloth Christmas Mini Stocking

Hummingbird Mini Stocking


Hummingbird mini stocking

Santa w/ Bag Over Shoulder Stkg


Santa stocking with sparkly gifts

Christmas Eve Santa Stocking


Santa stocking with reindeer and lantern and bag of toys

Petei – I Love Tx Dillos


Mini stocking with Texas Motiffs

Santa’s Portrait Stocking


Stocking with Santa’s Portrait

North Pole Chalet STKG Cuff


Stocking cuff with North Pole

Just Married mini Stocking


Bride/groom mini sock

First Christmas Train mini stkg


Brightly colored train engine on mini sock for Baby’s first Christmas

Santa & Reindeer Stocking Cuff


Santa cuff with reindeer

Santa CHKG List w/ doll STKG Cuff


Santa Checking list with doll cuff

Snowman Ornament Cuff


Three Snowmen Ornaments cuff

Santa/Glasses CHKG List Cuff


Santa Checking his list holding up glasses cuff

Angel Ornament Stocking Cuff


Three Angel Ornaments cuff

Girl at Toy Store WNDW Cuff


Little girl looking thorugh toy store window at Christmas

Santa/Polar Bear Stocking


Stocking with Santa, polar bear and other critters.

Santa Down The Chimney STKG-13M


Stocking with Santa going down the chimney with big bag of toys

Holly Santa w/ Toys Stocking


Santa Stocking with holly and gold all around

Teddy Bear/Santa Stocking Cuff


Santa holding a teddy bear and stocking with treats

Texas AandM Sock With Football


Texas A&M football mini stocking with felt football addition.

Eeyore Mini Sock


Mini stocking with Eeyore.

Polar Mother And Child Mini


Mini stocking with polar bear and cub.

Holiday Girl Midi Sock


Mini stocking with brown haired girl.

Santa W/ Angel Cuff


Santa with angel cuff with red ribbon sash

Reindeer Stocking Cuff


Three reindeer cuff, green and blue background

Frosty Snowman Stkg Cuff


Snowman with top hat cuff

Nutcracker/Peppermint Stkg Cuff


Nutcracker in red and green jacket.

Red Angel Stocking – 13


Brunette angel in red dress with snowflakes, holding wreath

Teddy Bear Santa Stocking


Santa holding toys in front of tree with big bag full

Nativity II Stocking


Angel, wise men, Joseph, Mary, baby and shepherd

Purple/Gold Nativity Stkg


Joseph and Mary holding baby, all dressed in purple, silver stars

Southern Tx Santa Stocking


Southwest Santa in a cowboy hat, holding a lantern with armadillo, fox, rabbit

Santa/Reindeer By A Tree


Santa holding green sack of toys, reindeer in front of tree

Folk Angel of Peace


Blonde angel in red coat holding dove surrounded by snowflakes.

Santa/Boy Toy Shop Window Stkg


Santa and boy looking through window at toys under tree

Train For Christmas Stocking


Santa putting a train set together in front of tree

Santa Filling Stocking By Fire


Santa putting toys from blue sack next to fire place

Santa/His Woodland Frds Stocking


Santa outside with white owl, fox and bunnies

Teddy Bear Stocking


Santa standing in front of tree holding teddy bears and more teddy bears at his feet

Train And Gingerbread Under Tree


Decorated tree in front of garland around window

Nativity Scene Stkg Cuff


Stocking cuff with Nativity scene sitting on garland

Toy Train Stocking Cuff


Stocking cuff with train ornaments on garland with ribbon and candy

Pretty In Pink Stocking


Christmas tree decorated in pink garland and castles

Santa With Teddy Bear


Santa standing in front of Christmas tree holding teddy bear

Boy In Blue Pj’s At Window Stkg


Stocking with red stairs, big christmas tree and child looking out window

Santas Sack W/ Toys Mid Sz Stkg


White stocking with Santa putting teddy bear and toys under tree

Snowman Star Stocking


Stocking with snowman outside in the snow wearing a red and black striped scarf with presents, squirrel, mouse

Snowman Star Stocking


Stocking with snowman in red sweater decorating tree

The Nutcracker Stocking


Stocking with nutcracker in red and green striped jacket and gray red striped pants

Wreath Angel Stocking Cuff


Brown haired angel in dark red and checked gown

Through The Sky Stocking Cuff


Santa flying in his sleigh in green mittens, full moon on the horizon

Santa At The Door Stkg Cuff


Santa holding lantern standing in front of door with ice skates

Santa/ Tree/Orns Stkg Cuff


Santa holding decorated tree

Dollhouse Santa Cuff


Santa holding a brown dollhouse

Little Girl With Teddy Bear Stocking


Stocking with little girl clutching teddy bear in her bed in front of the decorated tree.

Christmas Golf Stocking Cuff


Stocking cuff with peppermint stripes and golf theme.

Gifts Galore Cuff


Stocking cuff with peppermint stripes and wrapped gifts.

Snowman Stocking With Holly Garland


Five snowmen and peguin toy hanging from a holly garland.

Santa With Fancy Ornaments Stocking


Santa holding gift box and purple ornament.

Colorful Mini Trees Mini Stocking


Mini tree shapes on a white background.

Snowbaby Girl Mini Stocking


Snow baby in pink and purple.

Christmas Wishes Stocking- Girl


Santa and a little girl looks through window at tree with toys.

SMU Sock W/Football


SMU mini stocking with little stuffed football.

Crazy Quilt Mini Stocking W/Stitch Guide


Crazy quilt design as a mini stocking.

Christmas Eve Town Stocking


Santa and sleigh silhouette.

Stocking Full Of Girl’s Toys


Stocking showing lots of dolls and a gingerbread house

Santa W/List and Little Boy Stocking


Stocking with Santa with little boy in blue overalls

Angel W/Horn and Red Dress Stocking


Angel in red gown blowing horn.

Old Jerusalem Cuff


Old Jerusalem stocking cuff