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Pre-Order flower with purple, pink, orange, red, and blue petals with colored block border and blue and white striped background
Pre-Order Kingfisher ornament with stitch guide by Suzie Vallerie
Pre-Order blonde angel in green, pink, purple and yellow patchwork dress carrying a brown bunny and basket of Easter eggs with sheep and bunny at her feet

Cactus Coyote Candy Cane


candy cane needlepoint canvas

Wizard Crow w/SG (Pt of Series)


halloween needlepoint canvas

Dog w/Flag w/SG


patriotic needlepoint canvas

Boy w/Flag w/SG


patriotic needlepoint canvas

Statue of Liberty Girl w/SG


patriotic needlepoint canvas

Uncle Sam w/SG-Gazebo Set


patriotic needlepoint canvas

Eagle w/Flag w/SG (GAZEBO SET)


patriotic needlepoint canvas


Floral Flag- Stars & Stripes HT.

$203.00 $162.40

patriotic square

My Castle, My Dragon


dragon needlepoint canvas

DOTD-Dog #3 w/ SG (violet)


bulldog needlepoint canvas

Ornament -Pink Top w/ Ribbon and stitch guide


Pink Top Ornament w/ Ribbon and stitch guide

Teal Turban Ornament W/Ribbon and stitch guide


Teal and Orange Ornament w/ Ribbon and stitch guide

Ornament-Lavender Stripe w/ Ribbon & stitch guide


Lavender and Turquoise Stripe Ornament w/ Ribbon and stitch guide

Birch Tree Christmas W/stitch guide


Birch trees with ornaments, christmas tree in middle

Santa/Rudolph/Shopping ORN W/stitch guide


Santa and Rudolph in yellow car

#1 Bold Blue 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Round Partridge in a Pear tree

Toes Up Skis Orn w/ SG


Skiing equipment ornament.

Texas State Shaped Santa w/ SG


Shape of Texas with Santa Face ornament.

Folk Art Turkey W/ Sg


Side view of turkey in fall colors

Baby In The Woods


Tree with star leaning over baby in manger.

Hanukkah Selfie W/SG


Hanukkah friends on iphone

Santa and Friends Selfie W/SG


Santa, penguin, snowman and friends on white iphone

Girls’ Night Selfie W/SG


Christmas girls picture on pink iphone

Small Daisy W/SG


Brightly colored daisy with colored background

Christmas Owl Wreath W.Sg


Wreath with Christmas owls

Howloween Owl Wreath With Sg


Wreath with Halloween owls

Two Cardinals On Wire W Snow and Sg


Two Cardinals/snowflakes ornament

#12 Bold Blue 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Drummer drumming number 12

#11 Bold Blue 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Piper Piping and number 11

#10 Bold Blue 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Lord leaping and number 10

#9 Bold Blue 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Woman in red dress and ribbon dancing

#8 Bold Days 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Maid holding milk and number 8

#7 Bold Days 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Swan swimming and number 7

#6 Bold Days 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Goose laying eggs and number 6

#4 Bold Days 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Blue “colley bird” number 4

Santas In The Tree W/Stitch Guide


Four Christmas trees, one tree shaped Santa

Lilac Flower Pot W/SG


Flowers in yellow pitcher

Blossoms Hedgie W/SG


Hedgehog with flowers on back

Bathing Beauties W/SG


3 ladies with swim caps

Rose Crowned Fruit Doves W/SG


Two blue birds perched on blue branch

Treadmill Santa W/SG


Santa’s doing cardio.

Aspen Getaway W/SG


Santa and Rudolph go skiing.

Love Tag W/Stitch Guide


Tag showing Christmas tree in a silver stand.

Ginger Santa W/SG


Gingerbread figure wearing black sweater.

Ginger Stocking W/SG


Gingerbread figure wearing sweater.

Ginger Lights W/SG


Snowman in white sweater.

Menagerie A Trois Canvas/Kit and SG


Squirrel and chameleon flirt with peacock.

Abstract Fox Rd W/SG


Fox profile with stylized silver trees ornament

The Graceful Garden


Two hummingbirds with blowers.

Sitting Pretty W/SG


Little brown bird with flowers.

Watching Over The Baby W/SG


Baby in manger with sheep.

Kingfisher W/SG


Kingfisher bird on a wire.

January Fish W/SG


Blue and red fish.

April Angel W/SG


April angel with basket of flowers.

February Angel W/SG


February angel with garland of red hearts.

Karol-Polish Santa Ornament W/SG


Polish Santa figure.

Crazy Quilt Mini Stocking W/Stitch Guide


Crazy quilt design as a mini stocking.

Mrs. Claus Nutcracker W/Stitch Guide


Mrs. Claus nutcracker.