Santa w/ Stars


Santa on starry sky backdrop needlepoint canvas

Santa w/ Bag Over Shoulder Stkg


Santa stocking with sparkly gifts

Christmas Eve Santa Stocking


Santa stocking with reindeer and lantern and bag of toys

Large Santa Face


Large winking Santa face

HoHoHo Santa & Gifts


Santa round ornament

Santa in a red plaid suit next to birdhouse holding red cardinal on night background with snow falling -20%

Woodland and Santa Birdhouse

$78.00 $62.40

Santa and Cardinal w/ Birdhouse

Santa in red plaid suit next to Christmas tree with two cardinals flying -20%

Woodland Santa-Cardinals

$78.00 $62.40

Santa in the Woods w/ tree and cardinals

Small UT Cowboy Santa


UT Santa Cowboy

Santa in red plaid suit with green vest holding fishing pole and candy canes on end of fishing wire on dark background with snow falling -20%

Fishing Santa on Black

$78.00 $62.40

Santa with fishing pole

Santa’s Portrait Stocking


Stocking with Santa’s Portrait

North Pole Chalet STKG Cuff


Stocking cuff with North Pole

Four Square Sampler


Square with four different Santa Faces

Christmas Coasters set of 4


4 canvases each 4×4″ Christmas motiffs

Santa/Reindeer Dog Collar


Santa and Reindeer Dog Collar

Tx Shaped Desert Scene w/ Hat


Texas Shaped ornament w/ Desert Scene and a large Hat

Santa in Holly Circle


Santa Face in a Holly Circle Round

Miniature Mr. Patchwork Santa


Mini Mr. Patchwork Santa

Miniature Mrs. Patchwork Santa


Mini Mrs. Patchwork Santa

yellow taxi with Santa and Rudolph and gifts with wreath on front bumper -21%

Santa/Rudolph/Shopping ORN W/stitch guide

$78.00 $62.00

Santa and Rudolph in yellow car

stocking top with Santa holding bag of toys and reindeer by leash on blue starry background -20%

Santa & Reindeer Stocking Cuff

$147.00 $117.60

Santa cuff with reindeer

stocking top with Santa checking list in front of fireplace and tree with bag of toys -20%

Santa CHKG List w/ doll STKG Cuff

$157.00 $125.60

Santa Checking list with doll cuff

stocking top with Santa checking list and waving with bag of toys on dark blue background with trees -20%

Santa/Glasses CHKG List Cuff

$156.00 $124.80

Santa Checking his list holding up glasses cuff

stocking with Santa holding reindeer by leash and fox, polar bear, and rabbit around his feet -20%

Santa/Polar Bear Stocking

$334.00 $267.20

Stocking with Santa, polar bear and other critters.

stocking with Santa climbing into chimney with full bag of toys -20%

Santa Down The Chimney STKG-13M

$311.00 $248.80

Stocking with Santa going down the chimney with big bag of toys

white stocking with Santa carrying bag and tree with drum, trumpet, nutcracker and doll hanging from belt and green holly with gold swirl decorative background -20%

Holly Santa w/ Toys Stocking

$322.00 $257.60

Santa Stocking with holly and gold all around

Texas State Shaped Santa


Shape of Texas with Santa Face ornament.

Santa W/ Angel Cuff


Santa with angel cuff with red ribbon sash

Teddy Bear Santa Stocking


Santa holding toys in front of tree with big bag full

Southern Tx Santa Stocking


Southwest Santa in a cowboy hat, holding a lantern with armadillo, fox, rabbit

Santa/Reindeer By A Tree


Santa holding green sack of toys, reindeer in front of tree

Angel/Red Coat, Striped Skirt Stkg


Blonde angel in red coat holding dove surrounded by snowflakes.

Santa/Boy Toy Shop Window Stkg


Santa and boy looking through window at toys under tree

Train For Christmas Stocking


Santa putting a train set together in front of tree

Santa Filling Stocking By Fire


Santa putting toys from blue sack next to fire place

Santa/His Woodland Frds Stocking


Santa outside with white owl, fox and bunnies

Teddy Bear Stocking


Santa standing in front of tree holding teddy bears and more teddy bears at his feet