Peter Pumpkin Eater


Peter in the pumpkin patch at night

Apricots and Plums


Formal still life of fruits and leaves

Carpe Diem (Mushrooms)


Mushrooms in a row.

Pears and Morning Glory


Pears and Morning Glory flowers.

Skinny Chili Pepper – Swirls


Skinny Chili Pepper – swirls.

Skinny Chili Pepper – Bands


Skinny Chili Pepper – bands of colors.

Skinny Chili Pepper – Dots


Skinny Chili Pepper – dots.

Fruit and Flowers Bowl


Urn filled with fruit.



Colorful vegetables with a blue carrot.

Pears Brick Cover


Brick cover with pears.

Summer Picnic


Picnic basket.

Celery 3-D


3-dimensional cucumber.

Plum On Black


Plum hanging from branch on black background.

Peach On Black


Peach hanging from branch on black background.

Tomato and Radish


Tomato and radish.

Pears Banner


Pears banner.