Ms. Bella Bunny


Easter bunny needlepoint canvas

Three Hares In A Moon Circle


rabbit needlepoint canvas

Bunny, Blue and White


bunny needlepoint canvas

Sheep w/ Flower Garland


sheep needlepoint canavs

Easter Egg with Brown Bunnies


Egg decorated with stripes and bunnies

Easter Egg with Lambs


Egg decorated with bright stripes and white lambs

Easter Egg with Ducks


Egg decorated with brightly colored sripes and cute yellow ducks

Blue Bunny


Blue Mama bunny outline with little bunnies inside.

Green Bunny


Green Mama bunny outline with little bunnies inside.

Eggceptionally Floral Egg


Egg design with flowers.

Eggceptionally Gingham


Egg design with rabbit, dots and stripes.

Floppy Bunny Flat Egg


White bunny with purple polka dotted egg

Sweet Bunny Flat Egg


White bunny against a purple background

Floppy Bunny


Brown bunny with white face

Grey Bunny W/ Pink Backgro


Gray bunny on bright pink background

Mama Bird Feeding Her Babie


Mama bluebird feeding three babies

Two Sided Bunny W/Ears


White bunny on bright green grass

Black Bunny With Ears


Black bunny holding carrot

Bunny In Patchwork Egg


White bunny in the center of patchwork egg.

Chick In Patchwork Egg


Chick in the center of a patchwork egg.

April Angel W/SG


April angel with basket of flowers.

Easter Chicks!


Three yellow chicks.

Gabriel’s 3 Egg Omelette


3-dimensional decorative egg design.

Bunny Cart


White bunny pulling Easter cart

pink caboose with green roof and white tulips and sunflowers decorations Sale!

Easter Train Caboose

$67.00 $53.60

Easter train caboose

Chick Painting Egg


Yellow chick painting egg.

Chick Pulling Bunny In Egg Cart


Chick and bunny with decorated cart.