Witchie Poo


Halloween ornament with Witchie

Van Zacula


Halloween ornament with Dracula

King Tuts Mummy


Halloween ornament with King Tut



Halloween ornament with Frankien Stein



Halloween ornament Wolfie

Boo Choo Choo w/stitch guide


Choo Choo Train w/stitch guide

Count Me In w/stitch guide


Count is in his coffin w/stitch guide

PumpKitty w/stitch guide


Kitten w/green hat sitting in a pumpkin w/stitch guide

Moon Pie Kitty w/stitch guide


Round ornament with a black kitty w/stitch guide

Are you my Mummy? w/stitch guide


Are you my Mummy? w/stitch guide

Wild Eyed Mr. Bones w/stitch guide


Wild eyed mr. Bones ornament w/stitch guide

Boo Who? w/stitch guide


Smiling ghost ornament w/stitch guide

Halloween Belt


Purple belt with Halloween Deocorations

Pumpkin Patch Angel


angel with pumpkins on the bottom of her skirt

I’m Here for the Boos Ghost


round halloween ornament with a ghost

Devilish Delight Candy Corn


halloween ornament with child in a devil costume by a tree decorated with picked forks

Ferocious Feline Candy Corn


halloween ornament with a black cat with black cat decorations

Ghostly Night Candy Corn


halloween ornament with a ghost and ghostly decorated tree

Little Witchy Can Corn


halloween ornament with a sweet witch

Trick or Treat Pumpkins


Trick or treat Pumpkins

Harvest Crows


3 Pumpkins w/ 3 Crows

Dancing Witch


Witch Dancing in Silhouette next to a Wicked Tree

Sugar Skull Orn/Purple


Mini lavender sugar skull with red petaled flower.

Witch Hat Nimi Round


Witch’s hat with lime and purple background.

Black Halloween Kitty W/Ghost


Black Halloween kitty with ghost

Halloween Plaid Kitty


Halloween kitty with tattersall check

Day Of The Dead Skull #1


White sugar skull with turquoise and black accents

Jorge Skull


Aqua sugar skull with orange flower

Orange Sugar Skull


Orange sugar skull.

Carlos Skull W/ Straw Hat


Day of the Dead skull in bright colors

The Gangs All Here – Hallow


Halloween gang on the front steps

Halloween Boo Patchwork


Halloween patchwork of popular themes

Spooky Tags


Halloween scene spells out “spooky”

Howloween Owl Wreath With Sg


Wreath with Halloween owls

Pumpkin Houses Lane


Five little pumpkin houses

Puss ‘N Boots W/Stitch Guide


Swashbuckling cat in high turquoise boots.