Claudia Heart Hobo

$311.00 $156.00

Golf Ladies

$58.00 $29.00

3-D Travel Case-South Seas


3-dimensional suitcase with South Seas travel stickers

All That Glitters


Geometric design shown in three color ways.

Angel In Gold Daisy Frame


Coppery gold angel with frame.

Atlas Moth Cuff


Moth cuff.

Baby Carriage Basket


White baby buggy with flowers.

Belt-Blue Willow


Blue Willow china designs on a belt.

Belt-Red Hat


Red hat belt.

Best Day Ever Frame


Best Day Ever picture frame.

Black/Brown Butterfly Egc


Butterfly glasses case.

Blue Plaid Pincushion


Top and sides for a blue plaid pincushion.

Card Sharps Belt


Tan belt with card suits.

Cat and Fish Eye Glasses Case


Cat and fish glasses case.

Chevron Picture Frame


Southwest chevron frame.

Circles Headband


Overlapping circles headband.

bright colored bags patterned with hearts and flowers in abstract swirl design -50%

Claudia Heart Hobo

$311.00 $156.00

Brightly colored Hobo style bag

Clip-On Loon-2 Sided With Feathers


2-sided, clip-on Loon.

Clip-On Peacock


Two-sided clip on peacock ornament.

Color Dots On Black Bracelet Cuff


Colorful spheres on black cuff.

Colorful Leaf Belt


Colorful leaf belt

3D yellow box with blue flowers and blue and green geometric patterned stripes -50%

Country French Brick Cover

$138.00 $69.00

French Country Brick Cover design in yellow and blues.

Elegant Purse-Asian Floral


Elegant purse flap with black bag

Elegant Purse-Stylized Flor


Elegant purse flap with black bag

Eye Cuff


Dramatic eye cuff.

Eyes Hawkmoth Cuff


Moth cuff.

Find A Cure Eye Glasses Case


Pink Breast Cancer support ribbon.

Floral Eyeglasses Case


Floral glasses case.

Folding Bird Clutch


Feather, flowers and bird clutch purse.

Frog On Pink Scissors Case


Hot pink glasses case with bright green frog.

Ginko Bag Pink and Green


Colorful gingko leaves with pink.

Gold/Black Cummerbund


Gold and black cummerbund.

Golf and Tees Cummerbund


Golf cummerbund.

lime green frame with golfers dressed in red and white -50%

Golf Ladies

$58.00 $29.00

Ladies’ golfing frame.

Golfer Eyeglasses Case


Golfer glasses case.

Golfer’s Frame


Golf themed frame.

Green/Blue Plaid Tooth Fairy Pillow


Blue and green plaid Tooth Fairy pillow.

Happy Birthday Bag


Happy Birthday bag.

Heart Perfume Bottle


Heart shaped bottle.

Hello Gorgeous/Small/Blue


Blue”Hello gorgeous” clutch