The Wizard of Oz

$30.00 $15.00

Monkey Business

$104.00 $52.00

Golf Ladies

$58.00 $29.00

Mermaid Nite Lite

$65.00 $33.00



Glamorous woman in pink and black gown.

Joseph With The Lantern


Joseph in red tunic holding flowers and a lantern.

April Angel W/SG


April angel with basket of flowers.

February Angel W/SG


February angel with garland of red hearts.



Italian mime in lavender, gray and teal.



Romeo in brown and black.

Ring Bearer


Ring bearer in blue jacket and gray pants.

Boy Gardener


Farm with shovel and watering can.

gray-haired wizard from Wizard of Oz wearing gray striped suit with black jacket and top hat holding the green mask of the Wizard -50%

The Wizard of Oz

$30.00 $15.00

Wizard in black jacket with green mask.

Journey Of Sisterhood


Three women at the edge of the woods.



Tullulah in long red gown

Ice Princess


Ice Princess in blue coat

Pretty Poinsettia (Lady)


Lady in red coat with poinsettia headdress

Woodland Belle


Lady dressed folk dress with acorn headdress

Musical Snowman W/ Senorita


Snowman with guitar and young girl

Rainy Stroll


Girl with multicolored umbrella

N Car


N train car with a nurse

Q Car


Q train car with a queen

Praying Joseph


Joseph is kneeling in prayer.



Two shepherds from a nativity series.

Mr. and Mrs.


Ornament featuring Mr. & Mrs. with a wedding cake.

Caribbean Dancers


Carribbean women dancing.

Golf Feet. Man With Stripes


Golfing feet ornament.

Pullover Sweater. Golf


Golf ball and tee sweater ornament.

Pullover Sweater. Lacrosse


LaCrosse sweater ornament.

Asian Eyes


Geisha faces with Asian textile patterns.

Elegant Rebekah Pilgrim


Elegant Thanksgiving’s, Rebekah Pilgrim.

Laundry Lady


Lady hanging laundry next to the sea.

woman's profile in striped dress wearing hat with flowers with monkey holding fruit -50%

Monkey Business

$104.00 $52.00

Lady with monkey on stand.

Jewelry Box Top


Assortment of jewelry.

lime green frame with golfers dressed in red and white -50%

Golf Ladies

$58.00 $29.00

Ladies’ golfing frame.

Little Drummer Boy. Petei


Little Drummer Boy with black drum.

Las Vegas


Las Vegas “Gold Digger” redhead.

9 Ladies Dancing House 9/12


#9 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

Lil Goblins. Princess


Halloween princess.

Emily With Blue and Purple Flowers


Lovely Emily with flowers in her hair.

Wedding Train


Wedding Train cake.

brunette mermaid in purple swimsuit and pink tail holding fish with waves background -49%

Mermaid Nite Lite

$65.00 $33.00

Mermaid Nite lite with hardware.

Seaside Crackers: Mermaid


Seaside mermaid cracker.

Lady’s Maid


Lady’s maid.