10 Lords A Leaping House 10/12


#10 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

11 Pipers Piping House 11/12


#11 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

12 Days. Day 11


12 Days of Christmas piper piping.

12 Drummers Drumming House 12/12


#12 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

8 Maids A Milking House 8/12


#8 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

9 Ladies Dancing House 9/12


#9 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

April Angel W/SG


April angel with basket of flowers.

April Santa


April Santa in raincoat.

Asian Eyes


Geisha faces with Asian textile patterns.

Boy Gardener


Farm with shovel and watering can.

Caribbean Dancers


Carribbean women dancing.

Chess King


Alice in Wonderland king.

Chess Queen


Alice in Wonderland queen.

Cruela Crow-About


Witch and her crow buddy.



Downton Abbey maid.

Elegant Rebekah Pilgrim


Elegant Thanksgiving’s, Rebekah Pilgrim.

Emily With Blue and Purple Flowers


Lovely Emily with flowers in her hair.

European Woman


Woman and doves with piano keys.

Fan Peddler


Woman with basket of fans.

February Angel W/SG


February angel with garland of red hearts.

Go Go Oregano


Chef vs. chicken.

Golf Feet. Man With Stripes


Golfing feet ornament.

Golf Ladies


Ladies’ golfing frame.



Two masks design.

Ice Princess


Ice Princess in blue coat

Jane Seymour. Henry Vlll


Henry the 8th’s third wife.

Jewelry Box Top


Assortment of jewelry.

Joseph With The Lantern


Joseph in red tunic holding flowers and a lantern.

Journey Of Sisterhood


Three women at the edge of the woods.



Summer hat.

Lady and Leopard


Lady w/mask and leopard.

Lady’s Maid


Lady’s maid.

Las Vegas


Las Vegas “Gold Digger” redhead.

Laundry Lady


Lady hanging laundry next to the sea.

Lil Goblins. Princess


Halloween princess.

Little Drummer Boy. Petei


Little Drummer Boy with black drum.



Chef Luigi.

Mermaid Nite Lite


Mermaid Nite lite with hardware.

Monkey Business


Lady with monkey on stand.

Mr. and Mrs.


Ornament featuring Mr. & Mrs. with a wedding cake.