Baby Jesus With Lamb


Baby Jesus on a cushion of bright flowers.

Baby’s First Hanukkah


Blue and white dreidl

Colorful Cross With Vine


Colorful cross.

Dome Green Wiseman


Wiseman in green coat with silver gift.

Dome Nativity Animals


Cow, donkey and a sheep on straw.

Dome Purple/Yellow Wisema


Wiseman in purple coat with lavender wrapped gift.

Dome Shepard Boy


Shepherd boy in bright blue tunic.

Dome Top Blue Wiseman


Wiseman in turquoise robe.

Dome Top Nativity Holy-Famil


Mary, Joseph and baby in manger.

Dove Hamsa (Hand) With Stitch Guide


Hamsa with two doves with heart wings

Dreidle Gift


Stars of David Hanukkah gift.

Floral Cross


Floral cross.

Floral Star


Star of David shape with floral pattern.

Gaspar The Goat


Goat with red collar.

Gold Rounds Cross


Shades of gold in cross shape.

Green and Coral Tiles Cross


Green and coral cross.

Hanukkah Selfie W/SG


Hanukkah friends on iphone

Jewish Star


Colorful Star of David.

Joseph Nativity Scene


Joseph in green striped robe

Joseph With The Lantern


Joseph in red tunic holding flowers and a lantern.

Little Drummer Boy. Petei


Little Drummer Boy with black drum.

Medici Cross


Italian style cross.

Mercury Squared Cross


Modern style cross.

Modern Bricks Cross in a Cross


Modern Bricks Cross with a gold center.

Nativity II Stocking


Angel, wise men, Joseph, Mary, baby and shepherd

Nativity Scene Stable


Nativity stable with cow, sheep and two angels.

Nativity Scene Stkg Cuff


Stocking cuff with Nativity scene sitting on garland

Nativity. Cow


Cow from nativity scene.

Old Jerusalem Cuff


Old Jerusalem stocking cuff

Orange Cross W/Roses


Pink rose with striped background.

Petei Baby Jesus


Baby in manger with blue blanket.

Pink/Chocolate Tallis Bag


Gold Star of David with pink area for personalization.

Praying Joseph


Joseph is kneeling in prayer.

Purple/Gold Nativity Stkg


Joseph and Mary holding baby, all dressed in purple, silver stars

Sepia/Chocolate Tallis Bag


Gold Star of David with sepia area for personalization.

Sheep-Nativity Scene


Fluffy sheep with stars in the sky.

Shepard W/ Standing Lamb


Shepherd in purple and green coat.



Two shepherds from a nativity series.

Star Nativity Tree Topper


Tree topper with Nativity scene in the shape of a star