Colorful (Modern) Longhorn


Texas longhorn needlepoint canvas

Austin Landscape


Austin landscape needlepoint round



Texas theme square

Austin Guitar


Austin, Texas daisy guitar

Petei Alamo Mini


Texas Alamo Mini

Petei Texas Boot mini


Texas Boot by Petei

Petei – I Love Tx Dillos


Mini stocking with Texas Motiffs

Texas Shape Hook ’em


Texas Shape with Hook ‘Em

Texas Shape US Flag


Texas Shape is filled with the stars and stripes

Texas Flag on 13 M


Texas Flag

Petei-Tx Shae w/Bluebonnets/cactus


Texas shaped ornament with bluebonnets and cactus

Tx Shaped Desert Scene w/ Hat


Texas Shaped ornament w/ Desert Scene and a large Hat

Tx Shaped Desert Scene w/ Boots


Texas Shaped Ornament w/ Desert Scene and a Large Boot

Mini Texas Flag w/ Frame


Petite Texas Flag w/ Frame

Stocking Were Hung #3 W/SG


Texas Twas the Night Before Christmas ornament.

Texas Wreath Ornament


Round ornament with Texas shape in a wreath.

Bluebonnet Orn W/ Silver Ca


Ornament with two Bluebonnet blooms.

Texas Flag Ornament W/Armadillo


Texas flag ornament with armadillo

light brown horse with blonde hair on dark red background and HOWDY PARTNER in yellow and gold letters -50%

Howdy Partner

$152.00 $76.00

Horse head with words – Howdy Partner

Star Flag


Variation of stars and stripes flag

Longhorn Flag


Flag with stars and longhorns

Patriotic Cowgirl Boots


Western boots with Texas and US flags.