4″ Fawn and Cardinal


Fawn and cardinal on 4″ round.



Texas theme square

Austin Guitar


Austin, Texas daisy guitar

Cardinal On Red Ornament


Red cardinal on red Christmas ornament.

Easter Egg with Brown Bunnies


Egg decorated with stripes and bunnies

Patchwork of Peace


Colorful US Flag – many shades

Children’s Classic- Book Shelf


Childrens Books on a Shelf

Woodland and Santa Birdhouse


Santa and Cardinal w/ Birdhouse

Woodland Santa-Cardinals


Santa in the Woods w/ tree and cardinals

White Poppies Landscape


White Poppies Landscape

White Parrot Round


Round with bright greens/blues and white parrot

Love Round


Round with LOVE

Flower Round


Round with bright flower

Gray Cheveron w/Red and Yellow


Shades of gray accented with red/yellow chevron bands

Bright Flowers


Floral insert

Harrumph Camel


Harrumph the Camel

Easter Egg with Lambs


Egg decorated with bright stripes and white lambs

Easter Egg with Ducks


Egg decorated with brightly colored sripes and cute yellow ducks

Frolicking Penguin Round


Round ornament with frolicking penguin

Witchie Poo


Halloween ornament with Witchie

Van Zacula


Halloween ornament with Dracula

King Tuts Mummy


Halloween ornament with King Tut



Halloween ornament with Frankien Stein



Halloween ornament Wolfie

Winter Robin w/wreath Kit


Elizabeth Tapistry kit canvas and thread Red Cardinal

Beginner Kit – Race Car


Beginner kit with canvas and thread by DeElda Race Car

Boo Choo Choo w/stitch guide


Choo Choo Train w/stitch guide

Count Me In w/stitch guide


Count is in his coffin w/stitch guide

PumpKitty w/stitch guide


Kitten w/green hat sitting in a pumpkin w/stitch guide

Moon Pie Kitty w/stitch guide


Round ornament with a black kitty w/stitch guide

Are you my Mummy? w/stitch guide


Are you my Mummy? w/stitch guide

Wild Eyed Mr. Bones w/stitch guide


Wild eyed mr. Bones ornament w/stitch guide

Boo Who? w/stitch guide


Smiling ghost ornament w/stitch guide

Colorful Squares on Black Belt


Belt with colorful squares

Halloween Belt


Purple belt with Halloween Deocorations

Snowman Under Glass


Smiling snowman under glass