Blue Bird Birdhouse W/ Sg


Bluebird couple with their purple birdhouse.

Arizona Owl


Owl in a cactus

Girl W/Dk Hair By Purple Tree


Colorful setting, girl in black dress and yellow apron outside by purple tree and birds

Girl W/Dk Hair/Pitcher and Mug


Colorful setting, girl picking flowers outside with birds

Snow Bunny And Flowers


Brown bunny leaping across colorful snowy landscape at night

Plaid Owl


Red checkered and green plaid owl

Red Dot Owl


Red owl with tiny red squares on belly

Zig Zag Owl


Owl with red and green eyes, white belly with zig zags

Black Bunny With Ears


Black bunny holding carrot

Boho Patchwork Owl


Owl with floral patches

Celebrate W/Red and Blue Bird


Patriotic blue bird, red flowers

Let Freedom Ring Butterflies


Red, blue flowers, butterflies and stars

Underwater Goldfish


Goldfish swimming under gold flowers

Blossoms Hedgie W/SG


Hedgehog with flowers on back

Rose Crowned Fruit Doves W/SG


Two blue birds perched on blue branch

Abstract Peacocks


Two peacocks.

Little Bird #3


Brightly colored bird on a slender branch.

Blue Owls On Navy


Tapestry of owls and leaves.

Wren and Bee


Vicki Sawyer wren with yellow hat.

Round Silver Dove W/Stars


Silver dove with stars.

Fall Bird Round


Fall colored bird with green wings.

Floral Bird Nest


Bird’s nest with five blue eggs.

Flamingo With White Wing


Flamingo with white wing.

Menagerie A Trois Canvas/Kit and SG


Squirrel and chameleon flirt with peacock.

A Touch Of Red (Birds)


Vicki Sawyer’s red birds with hats.

Peace On The Earth Carousel


Mermaids under the sea.

Abstract Fox Rd W/SG


Fox profile with stylized silver trees ornament

The Graceful Garden


Two hummingbirds with blowers.

Sitting Pretty W/SG


Little brown bird with flowers.

Paw Print Bone-Bright Gold


Gold bone shape with three black paw prints.

Paw Print Bone-Hot Pink


Pink bone shape with three black paw prints.

nativity scene with black sheep and baby in manger -20%

Watching Over The Baby W/SG

$76.00 $61.00

Baby in manger with sheep.

Abstract Bear


Bold colors of three stylized bears.

Kingfisher W/SG


Kingfisher bird on a wire.

Bunny In Patchwork Egg


White bunny in the center of patchwork egg.

Chick In Patchwork Egg


Chick in the center of a patchwork egg.

January Fish W/SG


Blue and red fish.

Farmer Hare W/Stitch Guide


Farmer hare in blue overalls.