Pre-Order baby Jesus in blue blanket and black manger
Pre-Order white stocking with Eeyore sitting in front of Christmas tree with red, white and green present
Pre-Order white ornament with nativity scene and town of Bethlehem and star above in background
In Stock white goat with blue starry sky background standing on yellow and orange checkered floor and black border with red flowers
Pre-Order shepherd carrying sheep wearing blue tunic and gold robe on dark blue star background
Pre-Order white round ornament with musical instruments on musical staff
Pre-Order white stocking with two owls on pine branch and green and gold trim at top
In Stock snowman with hat and pipe in center square bordered by green tree triangles and snowflakes on light blue

Snowman Square

Pre-Order white two story house with green and red plaid roof and wreath on door with red birds on birdhouse and tall evergreens on each side

Petei Baby Jesus


Baby in manger with blue blanket.

Teddy Bear/Santa Stocking Cuff


Santa holding a teddy bear and stocking with treats

#1 Bold Blue 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Round Partridge in a Pear tree

Texas AandM Sock With Football


Texas A&M football mini stocking with felt football addition.

Red Toile Skaters Ornament


Red toile skaters.

Toile Green Horse and Sled Ornament


Old fashioned sleigh and horse.

Silver Deer Ornament


Stylized deer within a star border.

Mittens Ornament Red


Red mittens with pine branches.

Mittens Ornament Green


Green mittens with pine branches.

Christmas Trees Angel


Angel with Christmas tree farm design.

Toes Up Skis Orn w/ SG


Skiing equipment ornament.

Gift Tag- North Pole


North Pole-Official home of Santa Claus.

Mister Bucket Snowman


Mr. Bucket Snowman with poinsettia.

Eeyore Mini Sock


Mini stocking with Eeyore.

Polar Mother And Child Mini


Mini stocking with polar bear and cub.

Holiday Girl Midi Sock


Mini stocking with brown haired girl.

Hippie Peace Angel


Blonde angel in tie dye.

Candy Cane Squatty Santa


Squatty Santa with candy cane and tree.

Stocking Were Hung #3 W/SG


Texas Twas the Night Before Christmas ornament.

Texas State Shaped Santa w/ SG


Shape of Texas with Santa Face ornament.

Petei Bethlehem


Bethlehem Nativity ornament.

Sheep-Nativity Scene


Fluffy sheep with stars in the sky.

Gaspar The Goat


Goat with red collar.

Shepard W/ Standing Lamb


Shepherd in purple and green coat.

Texas Wreath Ornament


Round ornament with Texas shape in a wreath.

Bluebonnet Orn W/ Silver Ca


Ornament with two Bluebonnet blooms.

Dome Nativity Animals


Cow, donkey and a sheep on straw.

Dome Camel-Right Facing


A Wiseman’s camel in bright blankets.

Dome Top Nativity Holy-Famil


Mary, Joseph and baby in manger.

Dome Shepard Boy


Shepherd boy in bright blue tunic.

Dome Yellow Angel


Angel in yellow gown.

Dome Top Blue Wiseman


Wiseman in turquoise robe.

Dome Purple/Yellow Wisema


Wiseman in purple coat with lavender wrapped gift.

Dome Green Wiseman


Wiseman in green coat with silver gift.

Nativity Scene Stable


Nativity stable with cow, sheep and two angels.

Joseph Nativity Scene


Joseph in green striped robe

Mary and Jesus Nativity Scene


Mary in Lavender Gown with baby.

Pink Angel Nativity Scene


Angel in pink/purple gown.

First-King Nativity Scene


Wiseman with purple head scarf.

Second-King Nativity Scene


Wiseman with bright gold crown.

Third-King Nativity Scene


Wiseman with gold head scarf.

Cardinal In Birches Rd


Bright red cardinal and birch trees.

Holly On Hat Snowman Round


Smiling snowman with red cardinal.

Tree Snowman Round


Smiling snowman with red and white striped hat

Band Music Round


Round Treble Clef ornament

Friday Night Lights


Friday Night Lights football

Texas Travel Rd Ornament


Texas motifs round ornament

Our First Christmas Mini Stocking


Tiny mini stocking with couple

Plain Brown Owl


Plain brown quail in the grass

Santa W/ Angel Cuff


Santa with angel cuff with red ribbon sash

Red Plaid Heart W/ Snowfla


Plaid heart with snowflakes center

Abstract Owls Rd W/SG


Three owls with stylized silver trees ornament

Abstract Bear Ornament w/SG


Three bears with stylized silver trees ornament

Abstract Elephant Rd


Baby elephant sits up to play with ornament

Abstract Rabbit Rd W/SG


Rabbit with stylized silver trees ornament

Abstract Reindeer Rd W/SG


Dramatic stag with stylized silver trees ornament

Peppermint Jar-Top and Sides


Candy cane and peppermints “jar”

Snowman Square


Snowman with pale blue Christmas trees

Chevron Roof House


Chevron roof house, stairs and big windows

Checkered Roof House


House with checked roof and big red door

Wreath Window House


House with a wreath in all four windows

Plaid Rood House


Plaid roof house, four windows, two trees out front

Baby In The Woods


Tree with star leaning over baby in manger.

Reindeer Stocking Cuff


Three reindeer cuff, green and blue background

Frosty Snowman Stkg Cuff


Snowman with top hat cuff

Nutcracker/Peppermint Stkg Cuff


Nutcracker in red and green jacket.

Red Angel Stocking – 13


Brunette angel in red dress with snowflakes, holding wreath

Teddy Bear Santa Stocking


Santa holding toys in front of tree with big bag full

Nativity II Stocking


Angel, wise men, Joseph, Mary, baby and shepherd

Purple/Gold Nativity Stkg


Joseph and Mary holding baby, all dressed in purple, silver stars

Southern Tx Santa Stocking


Southwest Santa in a cowboy hat, holding a lantern with armadillo, fox, rabbit

Santa/Reindeer By A Tree


Santa holding green sack of toys, reindeer in front of tree