Baby In The Woods

$69.00 $55.00

Our First Christmas Mini Stocking


Tiny mini stocking with couple

Santa W/ Angel Cuff


Santa with angel cuff with red ribbon sash

Mermaids Tail W/SG


Pretty mermaid’s tail in shades of greens

Abstract Owls Rd W/SG


Three owls with stylized silver trees ornament

Abstract Bear Ornament w/SG


Three bears with stylized silver trees ornament

Abstract Elephant Rd


Baby elephant sits up to play with ornament

Abstract Rabbit Rd W/SG


Rabbit with stylized silver trees ornament

Abstract Reindeer Rd W/SG


Dramatic stag with stylized silver trees ornament

Peppermint Jar-Top and Sides


Candy cane and peppermints “jar”

Snowman Square


Snowman with pale blue Christmas trees

Chevron Roof House


Chevron roof house, stairs and big windows

Checkered Roof House


House with checked roof and big red door

Wreath Window House


House with a wreath in all four windows

Plaid Rood House


Plaid roof house, four windows, two trees out front

Christmas tree wearing Santa hat bent over to hand star from top to Jesus in manger -20%

Baby In The Woods

$69.00 $55.00

Tree with star leaning over baby in manger.

Reindeer Stocking Cuff


Three reindeer cuff, green and blue background

Frosty Snowman Stkg Cuff


Snowman with top hat cuff

Nutcracker/Peppermint Stkg Cuff


Nutcracker in red and green jacket.

Red Angel Stocking – 13


Brunette angel in red dress with snowflakes, holding wreath

Teddy Bear Santa Stocking


Santa holding toys in front of tree with big bag full

Nativity II Stocking


Angel, wise men, Joseph, Mary, baby and shepherd

Purple/Gold Nativity Stkg


Joseph and Mary holding baby, all dressed in purple, silver stars

Southern Tx Santa Stocking


Southwest Santa in a cowboy hat, holding a lantern with armadillo, fox, rabbit

Santa/Reindeer By A Tree


Santa holding green sack of toys, reindeer in front of tree

Angel/Red Coat, Striped Skirt Stkg


Blonde angel in red coat holding dove surrounded by snowflakes.

Santa/Boy Toy Shop Window Stkg


Santa and boy looking through window at toys under tree

Train For Christmas Stocking


Santa putting a train set together in front of tree

Santa Filling Stocking By Fire


Santa putting toys from blue sack next to fire place

Santa/His Woodland Frds Stocking


Santa outside with white owl, fox and bunnies

Teddy Bear Stocking


Santa standing in front of tree holding teddy bears and more teddy bears at his feet

Train And Gingerbread Under Tree


Decorated tree in front of garland around window

First Christmas Reindeer Ornament


Round ornament with two reindeer celebrating “our first Christmas”

Nativity Scene Stkg Cuff


Stocking cuff with Nativity scene sitting on garland

Toy Train Stocking Cuff


Stocking cuff with train ornaments on garland with ribbon and candy

Santa/Heart Cookie/Pptmt Cuff


Stocking cuff with “I heart Santa”

Star Nativity Tree Topper


Tree topper with Nativity scene in the shape of a star

Pretty In Pink Stocking


Christmas tree decorated in pink garland and castles

Santa With Teddy Bear


Santa standing in front of Christmas tree holding teddy bear

Boy In Blue Pj’s At Window Stkg


Stocking with red stairs, big christmas tree and child looking out window

Santas Sack W/ Toys Mid Sz Stkg


White stocking with Santa putting teddy bear and toys under tree