In Stock outline of camel
Pre-Order brunette angel in pink and white dress with greek letters on skirt and roses

Phi Mu Angel

Pre-Order Santa wearing red sweatshirt with SMU in blue and blue and white hat

SMU Santa

Pre-Order brunette angel with purple and white striped blouse and white skirt with purple polka dots and TCU written in purple
In Stock blonde angel with burnt orange striped blouse and orange polka dots on skirt with UT written in orange

Tall UT Angel

In Stock woman with long white pigtails wearing purple dress and blue robe with silver trim and large blue hat with white snowflakes

Ice Princess

Pre-Order trio of decorative round Christmas ornaments in pink and black, silver and gold, and red and green
In Stock green oval ornament with mug filled with egg nog and cinnamon stick and holly leaves
In Stock Joseph praying
In Stock smiling shepherd holding staff and sheep next to kneeling shepherd with two sheep on ground


Pre-Order Santa blowing trumpet riding a white and brown spotted cow on blue swirled background and green checkered border
In Stock Santa in green suit holding wreath and present

House Call

Pre-Order TCU themed Santa in dark purple suit holding TCU brand and horned frog by gold leash
Pre-Order yellow and white cat licking candy cane on green background
Pre-Order pink stocking with blue, green and pink domed buildings and white, pink and yellow flowers
Pre-Order rocking bear on with wreath and candy cane decorations

Rocking Bear

In Stock white swan with mistletoe on purple pond with hanging vines in background

Swan With Holly

Pre-Order Zeta Tau Alpha angel holding metal crown embellishment

Abstract Fox Rd W/SG


Fox profile with stylized silver trees ornament

Christmas Wishes Stocking- Girl


Santa and a little girl looks through window at tree with toys.

Watching Over The Baby W/SG


Baby in manger with sheep.

All That Glitters


Geometric design shown in three color ways.

Santa In Teal Coat W/Pack


Santa in a teal coat.

SMU Sock W/Football


SMU mini stocking with little stuffed football.

Karol-Polish Santa Ornament W/SG


Polish Santa figure.

Crazy Quilt Mini Stocking W/Stitch Guide


Crazy quilt design as a mini stocking.

Mrs. Claus Nutcracker W/Stitch Guide


Mrs. Claus nutcracker.

Standing Camel


Outline of camel from Petei Designs.

Delta Delta Delta Angel


Angel in yellow dress with Greek letters and sorority symbols.

Phi Mu Angel


Brunette angel with Greek letters and sorority symbols on white skirt.

Squatty Fisherman Santa


Santa’s gone fishing.

Squatty Santa-It’s A Boy!


Squatty Santa with stork holding blue bundle.

Squatty Santa-It’s A Girl!


Squatty Santa with stork holding pink bundle.

Birthstone Santa July/Ruby


Santa in ruby red coat.

Joy Wreath Snowman


Snowman in blue and lime green.

Greetings From Santa’s Workshop


Santa waving hello from his workshop.

Pink Orange Angel


Blonde angel in pink and orange gown.

SMU Santa


Santa in red sweatshirt and blue pants.

Tall TCU Angel


TCU angel in purple and white.

Tall UT Angel


UT angel in burnt orange gown.

Christmas Eve Town Stocking


Santa and sleigh silhouette.

Winter Gift Snowman


Snowman in a green cap with gold swirls

Stocking Full Of Girl’s Toys


Stocking showing lots of dolls and a gingerbread house

Santa W/List and Little Boy Stocking


Stocking with Santa with little boy in blue overalls

Angel W/Horn and Red Dress Stocking


Angel in red gown blowing horn.

Ice Princess


Ice Princess in blue coat

Pretty Poinsettia (Lady)


Lady in red coat with poinsettia headdress

Green Glitter House


Three story house with tall snowman

Nutcracker Rollup W/SG #5. Heinrich


Heinrich Nutcracker in blues and purple

Nutcracker Rollup W/SG #2 -Gustav


Gustav Nutcracker in green checked uniform

Christmas 2016


Intricate round counted canvas pattern

Musical Snowman W/ Senorita


Snowman with guitar and young girl



Cup of eggnog with cinnamon stick

Old Jerusalem Cuff


Old Jerusalem stocking cuff

Sleeping Girl Stocking


Stocking with sleeping girl with blond braids.

Victorian Girl Stocking


Victorian girl on a sled stocking

Victorian Boy Stocking


Victorian boy on a sled stocking

Praying Joseph


Joseph is kneeling in prayer.



Two shepherds from a nativity series.

Christmas House- May


Christmas House for May.

Christmas House-July


Christmas house for July.

Woodland Wishes- The Bear


Woodland bears in Christmas scene.

Coastal Lobster Tree


Lobster decoration on the tree.

Beary Christmas Stocking


Dancing teddies stocking.

Santa Riding A Rooster


Santa riding a giant white rooster.

Santa Riding A Cow


Santa riding a brown and white cow.

All Sports Mini Sock


Sports themed mini stocking.

Beer With Pretzel Mini Stocking


Beer mini stocking with stuffed pretzel accent.

Cosmo With Lemon Mini Stocking


Cosmo cocktail mini stocking with stuffed lemon accent.

Teddy’s Family and Friend Stocking


Teddy bear family stocking.

Christmas Star Topiary


Star shaped topiary.

Little Drummer Boy. Petei


Little Drummer Boy with black drum.

Golfing Santa In Red Pants


Petei Golfing Santa.

Meow-Fish Mini Sock


Meow/ fish mini stocking.

Snowman With Globe


Snowman with reindeer snow globe.

Victorian Gingerbread House


Victorian style gingerbread house.

1 Partridge/Pear Tree House 1/12


#1 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

6 Geese A Laying House 6/12


#6 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

9 Ladies Dancing House 9/12


#9 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

House Call


Santa as holiday gentleman caller

TCU Cowboy Santa


TCU Santa ornament.

Mini Sock With Trees


Patterned mini stocking.

Candy Cane Kitty


Adorable orange and white kitty.

Sweetheart Nutcracker


Purple and red nutcracker ornament.

Anthemius Stocking


Three colorful pastel domed buildings with flowers stocking.

Bright Peace Stocking


Peace Christmas stocking.

Texas A&M Mini Stocking With Collie


Texas A&M mini stocking with collie toy.

Snowman Faces-Pastels


Three happy snowmen stocking.

Snowman Faces Stocking


Snowman selfie stocking.

Green Pear Stocking


Pear Christmas stocking.

Checkered Father Christmas


Festive Father Christmas.

Pink Ribbon Angel


Breast Cancer awareness ribbon.

Snowman Rocking Horse


Rocking horse with snowmen.

Rocking Bear


Rocking bear design.

Swan With Holly


Graceful swan.

Zeta Mini Angel


Zeta Tau Alpha angel.

Aqua, Silver and Blue Mini Stocking


Aqua, Silver, Blue Mini Stocking