Pre-Order Santa themed words "ho3" in red with black stripe and gold belt buckle and gold 3

Ho3 Square

Pre-Order owl in red and white checkers and green and white plaid belly with green eyes

Plaid Owl

Pre-Order owl in red and green zigzag and white belly with red squares with green eyes

Red Dot Owl

Pre-Order green and gold plaid owl with white belly with black zigzags and green and red eyes

Zig Zag Owl

Pre-Order stocking top with red, green, yellow and white gifts on blue with snow falling and candy cane striped border
Pre-Order beige ornament with blonde angel in blue dress holding heart and Prince Sleeping written in script
In Stock outline of camel
Pre-Order brunette angel in pink and white dress with greek letters on skirt and roses

Phi Mu Angel

Pre-Order Santa wearing red sweatshirt with SMU in blue and blue and white hat

SMU Santa

Pre-Order brunette angel with purple and white striped blouse and white skirt with purple polka dots and TCU written in purple
In Stock blonde angel with burnt orange striped blouse and orange polka dots on skirt with UT written in orange

Tall UT Angel


Boy In Blue Pj’s At Window Stkg


Stocking with red stairs, big christmas tree and child looking out window

Santas Sack W/ Toys Mid Sz Stkg


White stocking with Santa putting teddy bear and toys under tree

Snowman Star Stocking


Stocking with snowman outside in the snow wearing a red and black striped scarf with presents, squirrel, mouse

Snowman Star Stocking


Stocking with snowman in red sweater decorating tree

The Nutcracker Stocking


Stocking with nutcracker in red and green striped jacket and gray red striped pants

Wreath Angel Stocking Cuff


Brown haired angel in dark red and checked gown

Through The Sky Stocking Cuff


Santa flying in his sleigh in green mittens, full moon on the horizon

Santa At The Door Stkg Cuff


Santa holding lantern standing in front of door with ice skates

Santa/ Tree/Orns Stkg Cuff


Santa holding decorated tree

Dollhouse Santa Cuff


Santa holding a brown dollhouse

Ho3 Square


“Ho cubed”-Red “ho” with golden 3

Jolly Santa/Green Ornament


Smiling Santa face with red and green hat

1 St Christmas Red Mitten Pair


Pair of Christmas red mittens with 1st Christmas

Snow Bunny And Flowers


Brown bunny leaping across colorful snowy landscape at night

Squatty Texas Santa


Santa in light blue coat with wildflowers holding Texas flag and little tree

Tree and Star Squatty Santa


Santa in red coat holding wreath and little tree

Candy Cane Squatty Santa


Santa in dark red coat with big candy cane holding little tree

Southwest Cowboy Squatty Santa


Santa in tan cowboy outfit

Santa and Friends Selfie W/SG


Santa, penguin, snowman and friends on white iphone

Girls’ Night Selfie W/SG


Christmas girls picture on pink iphone

Christmas Owl Wreath W.Sg


Wreath with Christmas owls

Plaid Owl


Red checkered and green plaid owl

Red Dot Owl


Red owl with tiny red squares on belly

Zig Zag Owl


Owl with red and green eyes, white belly with zig zags

Two Cardinals On Wire W Snow and Sg


Two Cardinals/snowflakes ornament

#12 Bold Blue 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Drummer drumming number 12

#11 Bold Blue 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Piper Piping and number 11

#10 Bold Blue 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Lord leaping and number 10

#9 Bold Blue 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Woman in red dress and ribbon dancing

#8 Bold Days 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Maid holding milk and number 8

#7 Bold Days 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Swan swimming and number 7

#6 Bold Days 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Goose laying eggs and number 6

#4 Bold Days 12 Days Set W/Stitch Guide


Blue “colley bird” number 4

Santas In The Tree W/Stitch Guide


Four Christmas trees, one tree shaped Santa

White Reindeer/Pastel Friends


White reindeer with presents stacked on back

Little Girl With Teddy Bear Stocking


Stocking with little girl clutching teddy bear in her bed in front of the decorated tree.

Christmas Golf Stocking Cuff


Stocking cuff with peppermint stripes and golf theme.

Gifts Galore Cuff


Stocking cuff with peppermint stripes and wrapped gifts.

Snowman Stocking With Holly Garland


Five snowmen and peguin toy hanging from a holly garland.

Santa With Fancy Ornaments Stocking


Santa holding gift box and purple ornament.

Mountain Sled Welcome


Festive still life with wooden sled.

The Melissa Angel


3-dimensional angel in green gown.

Colorful Mini Trees Mini Stocking


Mini tree shapes on a white background.

Ugly Sweater Collection-Plum Pudding


Ugly Christmas sweater in magenta with lime.

Ugly Sweater Collection-Orange With Gift


Ugly Christmas sweater in orange with aqua and pink.

Treadmill Santa W/SG


Santa’s doing cardio.

Aspen Getaway W/SG


Santa and Rudolph go skiing.

Love Tag W/Stitch Guide


Tag showing Christmas tree in a silver stand.

Snowbaby Girl Mini Stocking


Snow baby in pink and purple.

Ginger Santa W/SG


Gingerbread figure wearing black sweater.

Ginger Stocking W/SG


Gingerbread figure wearing sweater.

Ginger Lights W/SG


Snowman in white sweater.

Prince Sleeping


Angel holding heart over words.

Angel In Gold Daisy Frame


Coppery gold angel with frame.

Abstract Fox Rd W/SG


Fox profile with stylized silver trees ornament

Christmas Wishes Stocking- Girl


Santa and a little girl looks through window at tree with toys.

Watching Over The Baby W/SG


Baby in manger with sheep.

All That Glitters


Geometric design shown in three color ways.

Santa In Teal Coat W/Pack


Santa in a teal coat.

SMU Sock W/Football


SMU mini stocking with little stuffed football.

Karol-Polish Santa Ornament W/SG


Polish Santa figure.

Crazy Quilt Mini Stocking W/Stitch Guide


Crazy quilt design as a mini stocking.

Mrs. Claus Nutcracker W/Stitch Guide


Mrs. Claus nutcracker.

Standing Camel


Outline of camel from Petei Designs.

Delta Delta Delta Angel


Angel in yellow dress with Greek letters and sorority symbols.

Phi Mu Angel


Brunette angel with Greek letters and sorority symbols on white skirt.

Squatty Fisherman Santa


Santa’s gone fishing.

Squatty Santa-It’s A Boy!


Squatty Santa with stork holding blue bundle.

Squatty Santa-It’s A Girl!


Squatty Santa with stork holding pink bundle.

Birthstone Santa July/Ruby


Santa in ruby red coat.

Joy Wreath Snowman


Snowman in blue and lime green.

Greetings From Santa’s Workshop


Santa waving hello from his workshop.

Pink Orange Angel


Blonde angel in pink and orange gown.

SMU Santa


Santa in red sweatshirt and blue pants.

Tall TCU Angel


TCU angel in purple and white.

Tall UT Angel


UT angel in burnt orange gown.