Stocking Full Of Girl’s Toys


Stocking showing lots of dolls and a gingerbread house

Santa W/List and Little Boy Stocking


Stocking with Santa with little boy in blue overalls

Angel W/Horn and Red Dress Stocking


Angel in red gown blowing horn.

Ice Princess


Ice Princess in blue coat

Pretty Poinsettia (Lady)


Lady in red coat with poinsettia headdress

Green Glitter House


Three story house with tall snowman

Nutcracker Rollup W/SG #5. Heinrich


Heinrich Nutcracker in blues and purple

Nutcracker Rollup W/SG #2 -Gustav


Gustav Nutcracker in green checked uniform

Christmas 2016


Intricate round counted canvas pattern

Musical Snowman W/ Senorita


Snowman with guitar and young girl



Cup of eggnog with cinnamon stick

Old Jerusalem Cuff


Old Jerusalem stocking cuff

Sleeping Girl Stocking


Stocking with sleeping girl with blond braids.

Victorian Girl Stocking


Victorian girl on a sled stocking

Victorian Boy Stocking


Victorian boy on a sled stocking

Praying Joseph


Joseph is kneeling in prayer.



Two shepherds from a nativity series.

Christmas House- May


Christmas House for May.

Christmas House-July


Christmas house for July.

Woodland Wishes- The Bear


Woodland bears in Christmas scene.

Coastal Lobster Tree


Lobster decoration on the tree.

Beary Christmas Stocking


Dancing teddies stocking.

Santa Riding A Rooster


Santa riding a giant white rooster.

Santa Riding A Cow


Santa riding a brown and white cow.

All Sports Mini Sock


Sports themed mini stocking.

Beer With Pretzel Mini Stocking


Beer mini stocking with stuffed pretzel accent.

Cosmo With Lemon Mini Stocking


Cosmo cocktail mini stocking with stuffed lemon accent.

Teddy’s Family and Friend Stocking


Teddy bear family stocking.

Christmas Star Topiary


Star shaped topiary.

Little Drummer Boy. Petei


Little Drummer Boy with black drum.

Golfing Santa In Red Pants


Petei Golfing Santa.

Meow-Fish Mini Sock


Meow/ fish mini stocking.

Snowman With Globe


Snowman with reindeer snow globe.

Victorian Gingerbread House


Victorian style gingerbread house.

Baylor Jersey Santa


Baylor Santa ornament.

1 Partridge/Pear Tree House 1/12


#1 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

6 Geese A Laying House 6/12


#6 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

9 Ladies Dancing House 9/12


#9 House with 12 Days of Christmas theme.

House Call


Santa as holiday gentleman caller