Needlepoint Canvases for the Animal Lover in your Life (Including You!)

We think we can all agree that the real MVPs of the quarantine and pandemic have been our pets! They’ve helped us stay active, comfort us during times of confusion and sadness, and we all know they’ve been happy having us home more often. (Well, at least the dogs are…cats might be a different story!)

 To honor those furry friends, we have really cute canvases available to create a beautiful gift for the animal lover in your life (or just for you!). Check out our gallery below!

Want to learn more about the animal canvases we have in-store? Give us a call at 512-451-6931 or send us an email. You can also come shop with us but you must wear a mask and try to stay 6 feet away from other shoppers. See you soon! *Woof, woof*