In Stock

Succulent Skull

In Stock blue ornament with pink and red flower with black and lime green center

Flower Round

In Stock red, pink, yellow and orange flowers on light green background with red geometric border on bottom
Pre-Order brunette woman in Catholic head covering with praying hands holding rosary and pink and yellow flowers in background

Rosary Mary

In Stock blue square with pink and yellow flowers

Flower Insert

In Stock blue ornament with three yellow dandelions
In Stock blue ornament with bunch raspberries
In Stock giraffe face with pink Hawaiian flowers on head and neck on blue background

Dog With Floral “Hat”


dog needlepoint canvas

3D Florist Van


florist needlepoint canvas

Colorful Pansy Coasters


coasters, needlepoint canvas

8×8 Summer Day Zinna


needlepoint flower

Sheep w/ Flower Garland


sheep needlepoint canavs

Purple and Pink Flowers on Yell


Flower needlepoint canvas

5 Flowers on Yellow


Flower needlepoint canvas

Mini Cactus Smacked w/Dragonfly


Cactus needlepoint canvas

Succulent Skull


Succulent skull needlepoint canvas

Olive Wreath w/ Patterned Leaves


Wreath needlepoint canvas

White Poppies Landscape


White Poppies Landscape

Flower Round


Round with bright flower

Bright Flowers


Floral insert

Colorful Squares on Black Belt


Belt with colorful squares

Mini Pink Rose Square


Great metallic gold and black bee

Petei-Tx Shape w/Bluebonnets/cactus


Texas shaped ornament with bluebonnets and cactus

Posie Patches Dog Collar


Posie Patches Dog Collar

Rosary Mary


Mary w/ Rosary Beads

Maravilla/Marigold Mexican Emb.


Bright color Flowers

Margarita/Daisy Mexican Emb.


Bright color Daisy’s

Blue and Yellow BKMK w/ Tassel


Blue, Green and Yellow Bookmark w/ Tassel

12″ Floral Letters-A


Floral Letter A

Holiday Girl Midi Sock


Mini stocking with brown haired girl.

Texas Wreath Ornament


Round ornament with Texas shape in a wreath.